Dunhill Consulting Limited


Now offering valuation services!

Dunhill Africa Valuers offers a wide range of valuation services, encompassing both land & buildings for sale and rental purposes, estate planning, insurance or mortgage. Our valuation services is based on comprehensive professionalism, consistency with the current market value and cost effectiveness. Our valuation process provides the client with a detailed property valuation report which contains full analysis of the market, full photographic record and the recommendations with likely timescale.

Market valuations may be needed for the following reasons:

  • Purchase and Sale
  • Balance Sheet Requirements
  • Security / Mortgage Bond Valuations
  • Merger / Take-Over and Corporate Information
  • Legal / Judgement Purposes
  • Expropriation Compensation
  • Privatization
  • Municipal Valuation and Rates Objections
  • Tax Valuations
  • Auction Reserve

A well-motivated market valuation report enables you, the client, to make sound decisions in your business or generally with regard to any of your property matters.

Dunhill Africa Valuers we carry out valuation for all types of property including:

  • Residential.
  • Commercial
  • Institutional properties
  • Industrial property, including plant and machinery.
  • Agricultural properties including ranches, flower farms & horticultural enterprises.
  • Hotels/ Hospitality properties.

The purposes of valuation carried out include:

  • Sale/Purchase purposes.
  • Rental assessment, determinations and disputes.
  • Mortgage- Used for appraisal by banks, insurance companies and pension funds.
  • Accounting/ Book keeping purposes
  • Insurance.
  • Taxation purposes e.g. Rating and stamp duty.
  • Determination of Reserve price, among others.
  • Compulsory acquisition of land by the Government.

Our Valuation is headed by Isaac Wirunda,  a registered estate agent and a full Member of the Institution of Surveyors of Kenya, a Registered and Practicing Valuer and a Registered Estate Agent. With a degree in B.A Land and economics he also has over 12 years of real estate experience and has carried out valuation services of agricultural, residential, commercial and industrial properties in both the urban and rural areas nationwide having handled a broad spectrum of valuation tasks.