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Revamp Your Space


4 DIY Projects to help you Revamp your Space!

4 DIY projects that will not only be a fun activity for everyone at home, but are budget friendly too! You most likely have all the things needed for these easy DIY home interior projects. Upcycling at it’s best!

1.Work on a plant wall

Have an old shelf or crates that you are not using anymore? Paint over them or simply varnish to use against an empty wall of your choice. You would need to stack up the crates against the wall or nail them to the wall. This is will make for the perfect structure for your plant wall. Pick out a few plants from your garden or evening stroll which you can harvest. Get empty containers, tea cups/coffee mugs, bottles or little boxes. Basically, anything that you can house your plants in. Now unleash your creative side! Choose a theme – then paint over, wrap, or simply leave them as are and get planting. You can add picture frames, pebbles, shells or anything else along with your plants to the wall structure you chose. Little tip: try choose a wall in the house that gets enough sunlight.

2. Build a fort in the children’s room or play area

An activity which is a little more relaxed! Build a fort in the children’s room, play area, or even in your garden or balcony for when the sun is out. It’s an easy DIY project, and you can enjoy it together once assembled! All you need is some long and strong sticks, pins, blankets / towels / any sort of material you do not mind using to build the fort. Once you’ve gathered these, you’re all set and ready to start building! Once under the fort, enjoy board games, puzzles, playing cards, and if your fort is large enough, a good movie too… the list is never-ending! A quick addition of fairy lights will make your fort magical in the evenings!

3. Black board wall, perfect for a work space, kitchenette, or children’s room!

Find a well-lit room with a wall you would want to paint black. Get some black paint and a few helping hands in the house. Paint the wall black and allow for it to dry (you may need to do more than 1 coat). Get your chalk out and start personalizing your wall! This is a great idea not only get your creative juices flowing, but you can always mix it up by changing what you write or draw on it and when you do get sick and tired of it, just paint over it and it’s like it never even existed!

Useful tip! - if you’re afraid the room will get too dark, or your home is simply not very well-lit, choose a wall that is outdoors if you can!

4. DIY candles – scented, glitter, large – work with what you have

All you need is wax and wicks. For the candle wax, you can melt old candles you no longer use or crayons. You will need some containers (works best with glass) too. Let’s start! - melt the wax, cut up the wick to a desired length and assemble! Put the wick in the container and hold upright, pour the wax in and allow to set. You can try this with different colours, shapes and sizes! If you’re feeling fancy - you can add scented oil or glitter to the wax too. When your candles have set, you can either leave them in your chosen container or take them out to get decorating!

A little makeover to your space will most likely have you enjoying being home more! Remember; stick to the members of your household and follow the recent mandates as they evolve. We would love to see your versions of these DIY projects! Tag us in your pictures and videos on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.