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Online Businesses are Booming!


The coronavirus pandemic has resulted in an upward spiral in the already hot trend of online businesses! Businesses which only operated traditionally, have been forced to take up space online and depend on technological advancements to stay afloat like never before. Another global trend that affects realtors in various ways resulting in a shift in the market.


  • As businesses try and lower costs by setting up online e-commerce stores, the real estate industry has experienced a rise in the demand for warehousing. Why?
  • These businesses still need storage spaces in central areas to efficiently ship their products to their customers and store their documents albeit smaller godowns.
  • We have noticed several businesses are opting to take up smaller godown units in numerous locations across the city rather than one large warehouse to maintain efficiency when shipping their products. Moreover, godowns with office spaces on the mezzanine floor are becoming more popular options.

Commercial Offices:

  • Even though this is a time when majority of businesses have been forced to down size or expand virtually, all businesses still need headquarters for operational and logistical matters. This has led to an increase in demand for office units.
  • It’s a full house with the whole family home, so individuals are looking for smaller office units to remain productive.
  • With many people ‘working from home’, smaller office units are in demand so as to maintain a level of discipline.


  • Realtors within the residential real estate market remain busy during the Covid-19 pandemic. Many individuals have been adversely hit by the global Covid-19 pandemic and as a result have been searching for cheaper housing.
  • On the other hand, some people have been in search for a bigger space to make provision for a dedicated office space in an effort to remain productive while working from home. Even though, these individuals may represent a smaller proportion of the pie, their choices influence the shape that the real estate market takes.

At Dunhill Consulting Ltd, our professional real estate agents and trusted property valuers are highly trained to recognize shifts in the market demand and supply chains and find the best properties to suit your needs in the given times. For this reason, constant market assessments are something we at Dunhill Consulting Ltd do religiously.

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