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With inter county borders now open, we are receiving numerous enquiries from first time home owners from outside our vicinity! If you are worried about getting too distracted by the dreamy décor in show houses this blog is definitely worth a read. We share our professional real estate experience to ensure majority assessments are in place before taking up properties for purchase and/or rental.

Buying a home can be overwhelming and exciting. We have curated a checklist for you, to help you proof-check the property before purchase:


Check for the direction the windows face to ensure you have a well-lit home. Try and open up windows and check whether they open to a nice view versus directly toward another neighbor’s window or balcony.

2. Leaks:

Check for any signs of water damage on the ceiling, walls and under the sink cabinets. You want any leaky plumbing fixed before your move in day!

3. Electrical Outlets:

Make sure there are enough electrical outlets for your appliances and other electronics. If not, you can decide if that’s a renovation you’d like to make. You may want to test a few at random and check if they work as well.

4. Storage Space:

Ensuring you have enough closet space seems obvious. However, checking to see the closet placement is convenient for you – not as obvious! Both of these are important points when buying a home to ensure hassle-free living. Do not leave the other areas out during this check. Many of our clients forget to check on storage space in the kitchen, for example.

5. Appliances:

If the house you are purchasing comes with fitted appliances, make sure they’re in good condition and are working. They should be on and working when you move. It may be wise to make a note of all the appliances that are already there so you can make provisions for what you may need to buy and install before you move.

6. Floor level:

Check to see if the floors are flat. A simple exercise for this is placing a marble or another small, round object on the floor and see if it rolls steadily in one direction.

7. Water spouts:

Take a step outside, around the house and ensure that runoff from the gutters are pointed away from the house.

This list isn’t all-encompassing, but it’s a good place to start. If you have any questions or concerns, talk to our real estate agents and / or property valuers before you make the purchase! Feel free to ask them what they would add to this list too.

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