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A Global Real Estate Trend


Residentials being converted to commercial lets.

I sit here typing this from what was someone’s bedroom, later tastefully converted into an office.

“A Real Estate trend that does not surprise any of us!”

Living rooms and lounges become reception areas and conference rooms. Trends which we noticeably see beginning to dominate and continuously shape the real estate industry around the globe. The conversion of the home to commercial spaces allows for fluidity, becoming an increasingly more attractive option. For example; the architecture of a traditional home can easily be adapted to suit the traditional work environment.

This works the same for the non-traditional co-working spaces, which have been gaining popularity across the industry and around the world.

“With just a few changes and renovations you have the perfect work space in a private and serene location. Sounds like a great combo!”

This could be customized with relatively very little effort and finances to suit the business or individuals occupying the space as an office. For example; for a co-working space; dividers could be added in rooms, shelves in already existing cupboards, outdoor areas can be transformed into lunch areas with the addition of the right furniture. Such a setting comes with quite a few perks i.e. provision for expansion, more pocket-friendly, ample & free parking, just to name a few. The landlords are not left behind and enjoy higher rental returns on the same residential property by converting it to commercial lets.

In Nairobi, we have seen the increasing growth of this trend through recent past years, especially in areas like Westlands, Parklands, Karen, Ngara and Kileleshwa.

As the work culture and economy continuously change, the commercial real estate industry consecutively is shaped and re-shaped to meet these changing needs. In Kenya, we can see this trend has caught on at a faster and growing rate. The ever-growing global trend also coincides with the opening up of what previously used to be ‘residential only’ areas. This trend eventually turns to residents of that area moving to quieter areas, towards the outskirts of the city and evacuating these stand-alone homes. This global real estate trend is not isolated, but an intricately woven response to the growing economy!

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