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Benefits of Furnished Apartments

Most professionals who travel for business prefer to lease furnished apartments as opposed to other short-term alternatives such as hotels accommodations for several of reasons. The main reason of course is professionals are on temporary assignments and don’t have many options to start with. However this also doesn’t mean business travelers should sacrifice the comfort and convenience of a home away from home and elect to stay in a cramped hotel.

Property sales and rental market in Kenya

Providing decent, affordable housing is a growing challenge in many economies. The Kenyan real estate market has diversified in homes provision and affordability. With demand far exceeding supply, the adverse effects – on mobility, productivity and growth – are (or will be) increasingly apparent. Fortunately, there are ways to narrow the affordable-housing gap substantially, using mostly market-based approaches at the municipal level.

Commercial Sale and rental market in Kenya

Commercial property landlords in Kenya have an upper hand over their tenants, as most leases are skewed in their favor and further helped by opaque transactions. Landlords have the most say on the leases while the tenants have to abide with the landlords terms and conditions. This has a clear indication on that the commercial market is relatively under supplied. The secrecy and transparency of transactions is minimal and tenants seemingly have few options for redress.The rent, service charges and parking fees are billed separately and the space is measured in and priced per square feet. In commercial leasing ...

Why Rental Houses in Nairobi is the Way to Go

Nairobi, the Green City in the Sun, is the political and cultural heart of East Africa. Today, this city is striving and has a lot to offer to its people and the tourists. More so, it is no wonder why there are a lot of people who want to move to Nairobi.

House prices rise as lower mortgage rates fuel demand

House prices have begun rising as the market feels the delayed side-effects of high-interest rates three years ago which slowed down supply. The high-rates regime in late 2011 and 2012 forced many property developers to shelve plans for housing units that would have come to the market this year according to the Hass consult report.