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Tips To Make House Hunting Easy

Today’s lifestyles are more hectic than ever before with many people trying to balance families, work, friends and hobbies. The house hunting into the mix and 24 hours just does not seem like enough time especially due to the real estate market dynamics.

Kenya placed highly on real estate investors' radar

Property developers place Kenya highly in their radar, with keen interest on retail and residential space, according to a survey of top real estate professionals. Pent-up demand for affordable housing and high quality commercial spaces, a rising middle class and economic stability are among key factors expected to shape opportunities in the country this year.

The Most Important Factors for Investing In Real Estate

Compared with other types of investments, real estate investing involves a relatively favorable risk/reward profile, but with relatively low liquidity (ease of entry and exit). Let's see some of the most important factors to be considered for investing in real estate.

Why you should buy an Apartment in Parklands

Parklands has been in the past seen a rising an increase in both residential and commercial properties developments. This is due to the increasing demand in the market especially from the Asian community. Parklands was established in the late 1940s as a commercial and residential suburb. Its proximity to the CBD makes it a viable property investment area, housing the upper middle class and Kenya's vibrant Indian business community. Additionally parklands offer a melting point of religions across Hindu, Christianity and Muslim whose adorned houses of worship are widespread across the area. Parklands has seen rise of real ...