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Comparing Apartments and Houses for Rent

One of the most common choices for renters is between apartments and houses for rent. Each choice offers its own advantages and disadvantages – from size and price to other amenities. It’s important to understand the benefits of both apartments and houses for rent before making a final decision.

Property in Westlands : Best rates for property investors

Westlands has experienced rampant growth in real estate investment due the high returns. This is according to the Cytonn Investments’ Business and Market Outlook report launched on Monday. The report also projects a robust growth in real estate sector in year 2016 driven by the growing middle class’ desire to own homes. Return on real estate investment is higher in Westlands at 7.2 per cent according to the report, which covers 10 key residential areas. According to the report a three-bedroom apartment in this area rakes Sh150,000 in monthly with a sale price of Sh25 million. Kilimani is ...

The Cost Benefits of Serviced Apartments

Self-contained and fully furnished, serviced apartments are designed for short term to medium term stays with all the facilities and fittings you need for an extended trip away from home. In addition, serviced properties give a more homely feeling because of the space they offer guests, with separate living and sleeping areas. However, space is not the only advantage to serviced apartments.

Living & Working in a Studio Apartment

Some lucky people need little more than a lap and laptop to accomplish their work. Most of us require a bit more, so it can be a challenge to carve out efficient work space in a one-room studio. The first step is to pick one area and designate it for work. Why? Studies indicate having a specified work area increases focus, concentration and efficiency.

Top 5 Tips for Small Apartment Living

Small apartment living doesn’t have to cramp your lifestyle. With the right types of decorations and storage solutions, you can live like a king – or queen – even in the smallest of spaces. To begin creating a comfortable sanctuary in your small apartment home, use these tips below.