Dunhill Consulting Limited


More than Sales and Letting – Get to Know Us a Little More


Most of you know us as experience realtors in Kenya. However, the name Dunhill Consulting Ltd has much more under its umbrella, which we want to share with you. The four main arms of Dunhill Consulting Ltd are;

  1. Facilities Management
  2. Property Development
  3. Sales and Letting
  4. Valuations

  1. Facilities Management

We manage properties where we make sure all common amenities are fully functional at all times (repairs, refills, etc) and we take care of all accounting and finance details (reserve funds, debt collection etc). Our Facilities Management is the newest division which specializes in the management of serviced and furnished apartments, where …

Investment pockets in Nairobi


Real estate in Kenya has grown exponentially since 2015. International media houses like Forbes have labelled Kenya “the fastest growing economy in Africa”, thus attracting a pool of investors. Investing in real estate may be an uphill task in this challenging economy, but is still among the best investment options.

There has been a shift in the real estate sector due to mixed returns. It is all about smart investments where just investing in real estate is not enough. There are specific investment pockets with high returns that have been singled out in Nairobi for investors in real estate. We …

Questions to Ask During a New Home Walk Through


As a home buyer, you have a lot of tasks to accomplish before the day that you can finally call a new home yours. And while it may have seemed like shopping around to find your dream home was the most important part of the buying process, it’s actually the stuff you do after you make your offer that really helps you ensure you make a smart decision—both for your family and for your finances. The home inspection is a major one of these tasks, as is your new home walk through.

The walk through is your last opportunity to …

9 Tips for Selling a Luxury Home in Kenya


The real estate market in Kenya is different when you’re selling a luxury home. If you have a high-end property to sell, everything from how you price it to how you market it has to be optimized for the right buyers. In fact, the higher up you go in the price bracket the more you’re going to have to make carefully chosen moves that appeal to a subset of buyer with a lot to spend and a lot of expectations for what they’ll get.

If this is your first time selling a luxury home, you may be a bit wary …

Real estate sector attracts investors amid high returns


Kenya’s real estate sector is attracting big investments across the country and the east african region as investors seek to cash in on increased infrastructural development, huge housing deficit, high returns amid stable political climate environment.

The past months have seen several investors announce projects that include building of houses, large scale commercial and residential developments, malls, student hostels, office blocks and hotels. The huge investments complement government’s announcement to build 100,000 housing units across the country under the Big Four Agenda proposed by President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Data from the Nairobi County Housing Department show that the value of approved …