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A Global Real Estate Trend


Residentials being converted to commercial lets.

I sit here typing this from what was someone’s bedroom, later tastefully converted into an office.

“A Real Estate trend that does not surprise any of us!”

Living rooms and lounges become reception areas and conference rooms. Trends which we noticeably see beginning to dominate and continuously shape the real estate industry around the globe. The conversion of the home to commercial spaces allows for fluidity, becoming an increasingly more attractive option. For example; the architecture of a traditional home can easily be adapted to suit the traditional work environment.

This works the same …

The Long-Standing Real Estate Debate - To Rent or Buy?


Which option works for you isn’t just about money - it’s also about your security and vision for your life as much as your social and professional standing. We will jump right into this debate!



Renting a home can offer you the flexibility of living where is convenient for you and also moving as you may need. If you are someone who gets bored of living in the same place and does not really know where you will be located in the future, this seems like a good option.

However, this may not offer stability. Here’s …

Revamp Your Space


4 DIY Projects to help you Revamp your Space!

4 DIY projects that will not only be a fun activity for everyone at home, but are budget friendly too! You most likely have all the things needed for these easy DIY home interior projects. Upcycling at it’s best!

1.Work on a plant wall

Have an old shelf or crates that you are not using anymore? Paint over them or simply varnish to use against an empty wall of your choice. You would need to stack up the crates against the wall or nail them to the wall. This is will …

Measures we have taken to combat the challenges we face during the COVID19 pandemic


As a Real Estate company, we have been quick to embrace a digital approach. When the coronavirus pandemic hit home, we were determined to find virtual solutions, fast! Our brand is re-known for how we do not compromise our relationships with our clients.

Our approach:

  1. Walk-through videos
  2. Virtual Viewings
  3. Digital signing of agreements
  4. Social media marketing
  5. Digital marketing
  6. Video meetings & consultations

Our team lives by:

“Don’t limit your challenges; challenge your limit.”

Connecting through technology in a time of disconnection has proven to be working for us in maintaining and building our client relationships, and keeping all our staff …

More than Sales and Letting – Get to Know Us a Little More


Most of you know us as experience realtors in Kenya. However, the name Dunhill Consulting Ltd has much more under its umbrella, which we want to share with you. The four main arms of Dunhill Consulting Ltd are;

  1. Facilities Management
  2. Property Development
  3. Sales and Letting
  4. Valuations

  1. Facilities Management

We manage properties where we make sure all common amenities are fully functional at all times (repairs, refills, etc) and we take care of all accounting and finance details (reserve funds, debt collection etc). Our Facilities Management is the newest division which specializes in the management of serviced and furnished apartments, where …