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Six things to look out for in property after 2017 general elections


The real estate sector is poised for a comeback after the conclusion of the General Election. Industry figures for the first five months of the year indicate there was a marginal slowdown in the industry as a result of election uncertainties. According to the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics, the value of building plans approved by Nairobi City County between January and May this year went down to Sh105.6 billion from Sh126.3 billion in a similar period last year. it is, however expected that the pace will pick up once election related activities are over. The expected rebound of the …

All in One: Living & Working in a Studio Apartment


Some lucky people need little more than a lap and laptop to accomplish their work. Most of us require a bit more, so it can be a challenge to carve out efficient work space in a one-room studio. The first step is to pick one area and designate it for work. Why? Studies indicate having a specified work area increases focus, concentration and efficiency. To leverage every inch, consider different approaches:

Dedicate an entire wall to work and storage. Choose a mix of shelves and cabinets to hold equipment, records and supplies, and add a long desk or work surface. …

Election jitters to cut earnings from property


Returns on investment for residential property is projected to slow down 3.2 percentage points this year on reduced demand following uncertainty around the August 8 polls. Total returns are projected to average 9.4 per cent compared to 12.6 per cent in 2016, a report by Cytonn Real Estate said, attributed to lower price appreciation.
The Nairobi Metropolitan Residential Report 2017 said the rise in property prices has nearly halved this year to 3.8 per cent from 7.4 per cent last year. “This can be attributed to investors shying away from long-term investments as they awaited the outcome of the 2017 …

Apartment Patio Container Gardening Ideas


When you live in a small space with little to no yard, you start to feel disconnected from nature. Though you’re not able to cultivate a traditional garden, it doesn’t mean you can’t think outside of the box —in this case, that’s inside of the box, with a container garden.

Simplistic and beautiful, a container garden is an easy way to grow everything from cucumbers to catnip. Plant whatever your green thumb desires, with this introduction to container gardening and a few ideas for what to grow.

How to Build a Container Garden
When considering your budget as you plan …

East Africa’s First Registered Green Star Office Development - Dunhill Towers, Westlands


Dunhill Consulting Limited, is delighted to launch East Africa’s First Registered Green Star Office Development - Dunhill Towers. A combination of functionality and design. Located 450 meters from Westlands Roundabout on Waiyaki way, this iconic building is creating the new benchmark for Grade A Offices. 

Providing light for the workplace has always been at the top of the list for developers and facility managers. However, they have tended to focus on the effects lighting has on a building’s performance, often at the expense of the people who work there. The cause of this focus has been the rising costs …