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Apartment Patio Container Gardening Ideas

When you live in a small space with little to no yard, you start to feel disconnected from nature. Though you’re not able to cultivate a traditional garden, it doesn’t mean you can’t think outside of the box —in this case, that’s inside of the box, with a container garden.

Why You Should Rent Apartments

In the midst of difficult economic circumstances, many people now rent apartments instead of purchasing a house. While apartment living can be somewhat frustrating if you plan to live in the same place for many years and wish to own your home one day, it is an excellent solution if you want the option of living a mobile lifestyle or are unsure of how long you want to stay in a certain area.

Parklands; The New Business Destination

Parklands has over years seen rampant growth in commercial and residential developments. Corporate institutions, banks, hospitals and other business has been expanding their branches in the area due to a huge demand of the services and the growing real estate investment in the area. The area is strategically located close to the City and hosts the vibrant Indian business community as well as the the upper middle class. The growing number of hospitals has lead to the increasing demand of the medical centers, doctors plaza and offices spaces to cater for the high level of medical practitioners rental spaces. Dunhill ...

Comparing Apartments and Houses for Rent

One of the most common choices for renters is between apartments and houses for rent. Each choice offers its own advantages and disadvantages – from size and price to other amenities. It’s important to understand the benefits of both apartments and houses for rent before making a final decision.